There are these stones carefully painted and laid in the garden outside the Canadian Cancer Society building in Vancouver. Dozens of them, blue and red and orange, with messages written on each.
Seeing them made me stop in my moment to really look at them. So busy trotting off to this appointment or another, watching people and traffic and thinking of the cats at home and work and writing and –

And this made it all stop.
Stone reminders, they all were.
Of how quickly life can be taken away.

I wondered if the people who painted these are still alive. If they’re still fighting the cancer, if their families are still holding hands and whispering how much they’re loved. Or if these words were echoes from the void left in loved one’s lives.

One stone asking to be remembered.
Something we all want, no matter where we’re from.
To just be remembered by someone long after we’ve gone, leaving a stone in our place.

I hope whoever painted this is doing well.
If they’re not, I hope those who knew them pass this stone, and remember.

# # #

May 8, 2018

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