Today would have been Chester Bennington’s birthday. Well, it still is, he’s just no longer with us to celebrate it.

For a week after he passed, I’d been seeing pink everywhere – the sunsets coloured the sky with broad strokes of baby pink and magenta, the city lights that were usually blue turned pink for days. It was a strange kind of comfort then when I found out it was his favourite colour. I’m not one to believe in an invisible man in the sky taking care of things, but I do believe there are things none of us can explain either. I chose to believe that while his fanbase and especially his family grieved his loss, he was still around letting us all know it would be ok. Some of us didn’t know that for a while; that things would be ok.

So on his birthday, I’m posting a mind-blowing sunset that Vancouver experienced last week. I have never seen this kind of colour in the sky here (usually it’s just varying shades of grey this time of year), it was absolutely breathtaking. And it reminded me of Chester.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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March 20, 2018

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