I don’t think – at least in recent memory – that I have ever sat and watched a moon set in the morning. I mean, I’m sure there was a time when I was awake for that, just not so sure I was together enough to notice.

I was up early because Petunia was done snuggling and wanted breakfast. Looking out at the beautiful view even before rubbing my eyes, I realized there was a huge-ass moon staring back at me. Petunia continued to paw at my face and mew, unsure why the balcony was suddenly more crucial than her cries.

So this was taken pre-coffee. Sitting outside in pyjamas and a sweater – thrown on backwards – on the patio furniture that, 2 days ago was draped with snow, waiting for the full moon to peek out from the clouds.

There was something magical about watching a moon move through the sky fast enough to actually track with the naked eye. To watch the sky get brighter as it fell, whispering poetry to the sun as it rose behind me.

Fuck the numb feet in the cold.
That was absolutely worth it.
Also, I need a better zoom lens.

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March 1, 2018

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