I’m down sick with a bad cold that’s all but taken my voice, and definitely taken my higher reasoning. So forgive me if what comes out isn’t as coherent as it should be.

But this morning I woke up to the trees all dressed up in their finest. And even as the sun rose, blue sky in patches, it’s cold enough to keep the snow longer than a few minutes.
I absolutely have no words for how happy this makes me.
I can’t stop gazing outside, standing frosty on the balcony and smiling like a woman in love’s first blush. I can’t stop wanting to see feet of this on the ground, to hear it crunch underfoot, to watch it fall without end from the sky.

If ever there was any doubt that I was meant for snow, it’s been wiped out.
Snow is where I belong.
Now to get there.

# # #

February 18, 2018

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