It snowed here in the lower mainland recently for about 24ish hours.
I was up obscenely early – though not early enough damnit – and got out for hours in the silence and the snow to take as many pictures as I could before I was robbed of all this beauty again.

I took way too many pictures to dump them all on you at once, much as I’d like to. So I’ll sprinkle them around, reminding myself of the bliss that snow brings. Of the piece of my soul that’s soothed by it, calmed by it.

I learned how to drive in this kind of weather, up in the high mountains of Colorado.
I grew up with snow for months out in rural Ontario. Drifts that dwarfed fences and full grown men and trees. Silent, untouched, muting the chaos of the world.

People here seem to really really hate snow. I don’t care. I’ll still dance through it, worship it, crave it, with every cell I have.

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March 1, 2018

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