I hesitate to put anything as trite as a bio on here. Besides, you get enough info on me if you read what I write beside the pictures I share. A place to put what camera I use, and lenses, and why I created this site though – ok, I can bear that.

What I use in a nutshell:
Sony a6000 mirrorless camera.
16-50mm Sony e-mount kit lens.
55 – 210 Sony e-mount telephoto lens.
10mm and 16mm Meike extension tubes (on occasion).
30mm Sony e-mount macro lens.

I created this site in response to my inner child picking up a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera for itself for ‘early Christmas’.
Around the start of December.
Because for my inner child, Christmas is a month-long affair. Advent calendar turns into miniature spending sprees every damn day. This day was a particularly large one.

Why did I get this camera, if all I’d been shooting with for years was an iPhone 6s?


I’d started a small project during the summer to routinely take a picture of the sunset every single night. This was important to the larger project at hand, and served to remind me there was beauty in the world.

My iPhone really hates pinks in the sky.
I could be seeing a vibrantly coated sky of baby pink, hot pink, hell the whole damn seeable sky could be vibrating with how pink it was, but the iPhone only showed it as yellow.

A pretty sunset, but it was intensely pink. Not the yellow-orange that shows up.

I’m a graphic artist by trade, so yes I can bring images into Affinity or Photoshop and not only recolor but utterly re-create them.
That’s not a photo to me any longer though. That’s now a graphic image, something I cobbled together. Not something nature created. And it felt massively disingenuous to the project, and to what I wanted to remember in taking pictures.
In every single image I’ve manipulated to look like something else, no matter how far back in time it goes, I know I’ve changed that picture. I know it’s not real.

As I missed more and more incredibly beautiful sunsets to a phone camera, as I missed more and more awesome shots while walking in an old-growth forest, missing them became more and more unbearable.

I also have OCD.
So there are things I just can’t let go of.

Enter: getting a decent camera on which I could change lenses. I’ve had a point-and-shoot little deal before and it was great for whipping out on the slopes and taking general pictures of things. But I wanted more. I wanted macro shots, because the tiny world around us fascinates the hell out of me. I wanted a lot of shots of my beloved Petunia, the fat cat that’s become my best friend in the time since I adopted her. I wanted beautiful landscape shots so I could remember those moments and in 20 years, when I’m losing my memory altogether, I wanted to call up images of what my life was like.
Of where I was.
Of who I was.
I also wanted something new to learn, to point the OCD at and say “figure out EVERYTHING”.

This was my inner child’s justification for getting a semi-pro camera.
This was also the justification for getting a telephoto and a macro lens.
The inner child is very good at this.

In the end – which we’ve rather thankfully come to – I share these with the world because the world needs beautiful things. And occasionally witty comments that make you smile. It even may need relatively interesting things I write for fun.
I do hope I can make you smile and just maybe show you something beautiful. Everyone needs that.
That seems to be the best justification for getting this level of camera when I know absolutely nothing about photography. To make other people, as well as myself, happy.